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Juan de Fuca Minor Association News

VIAHA Volunteers Needed

By JDF 08/15/2022, 8:15pm PDT

We have some important volunteer position vacancies within VIAHA that must be filled as soon as possible to help us with the 2022-2023 Season…
At present there are vacancies in the following volunteer positions:
U13 Managing Director for Island League/Competitive
U13 Female Recreation Commissioner
U11 Female Recreation Commissioner
U18 South Island Recreation Commissioner
U15 South Island Recreation Commissioner
U15 Mid Island Recreation Commissioner
U11 Mid Island Recreation Commissioner
U21 Island Commissioner
If you are interested in putting your name forth for any of these above listed volunteer positions, please submit a VIAHA Volunteer Application Form – Link and email it to as soon as possible.
If appointed, your name at this point may miss being printed in the Handbook, but it will be listed on the VIAHA website.
It is preferred that you do not have a child of family member participating in the area you wish to volunteer for in order to help avoid any possible conflicts of interest. However, should no one come forth your application will be re-considered with an agreement to stipulations.
The job descriptions for all these positions are included on pages 2 & 3 of the application form.
*I will also include the application form within the same email as this memo.
A big thank you to all the following past volunteers that have decided to step down this season:
Dawn Zigay, Dylan Taylor, Duncan Cavens, Judith Hales, Dave Brummitt & Trish Gorski.
Your contribution towards helping deliver Minor Hockey to our District over the past season and beyond is so very much appreciated by all!
Yours Truly,
Charlotte Johnson
VIAHA Executive Director

6th Annual Apex Winter Classic

By Juan De Fuca 06/24/2022, 1:15pm PDT

Juan de Fuca's Atom A team at a fundraising in support of BC Children's Hospital, they started by selling cookies outside Save on Foods which raised almost $1000.


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