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Play For the Cure

Play for the Cure Challenge

As many of you already know, undergoing Cancer treatment is a grueling marathon that tests a person’s limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. Adding to this already overwhelming experience are the significant logistical and financial challenges that many people and their families are now faced with.

The idea behind The Play for the Cure Initiative is a chance for all of us to help our friends and families as they work their way through their treatment. Funds raised will go towards the Beyond Barriers Patient Relief Fund at the BC Cancer Foundation.

So we are asking the question...


From now until the beginning of Spring Break, we are inviting teams to raise money towards this initiative.

The methods of fundraising will be up to the discretion of the individual teams. Teams will need to submit their final totals to the Organizers by midnight on March 18th, with all funds raised transferred no later than March 20th at 9pm in order for prizing to be awarded.  Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

The teams that raise the most will be eligible to win prizes including:

  1. Tickets to a VANCOUVER CANUCKS game for the whole team*
  2. An exhibition game against another South Island division team at Rogers Arena†
  3. Further prizes are being added.

* The Vancouver Canucks have donated 18 tickets to the ANA vs VAN game on Sunday, March 31st at 1230pm. They will offer up to an additional 23 tickets in the same section at a discounted rate. Further tickets may be available, but this will be based on general availability.

† We are working with the Vancouver Canucks to secure 4 game slots at  Rogers Arena to play these games, but we will not know for sure until after Family Day Weekend. Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey has offered up  enough ice for a series of exhibition games. If Rogers Arena is available, up to 16 teams will be given an opportunity to play an exhbition game.  (4 games at Rogers Arena, and 4 games at a JDF Arena)  If it is not available, the 8 teams will play at the JDF Arena.

What is the Patient Relief Fund?

The Beyond Barriers Patient Relief Fund was created to connect people directly with the care and support they need. The goal is to remove logistical barriers on the Island and across the province and make it easier for patients to access urgently­ needed resources.

The Fund will go beyond barriers to deliver the best cancer care to families, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. It will help BC Cancer teams ensure patients are supported and resources are easily accessible and available to all who need them. It will provide for essential items and services including much-needed taxi vouchers, grocery cards and accommodation, as well as treatment-related expenses such as medical supplies, nutritional supplements and medications. Dental care is another area of significant need, as many patients must undergo complex dental work prior to treatment.

The Patient Relief Fund will also address the provincial gap in equitable care, with a portion of the fund going directly toward Indigenous people facing cancer across the Island.

Other Play for the Cure Fundraising Initiatives

You can donate directly to the intitiative and the Beyond Relief Fund by following this link:

We will be holding an online 50-50 that will run concurrently with the other fundraising activities. (Please check back regularly for the link.)

Want to order helmet stickers?

The 1" x 3" stickers are available for 1 for $3, 2 for $5, or 20 for $40. Order (and payment) deadline is February 19th at 8pm. Delivery will take approximately 2 weeks. Proceeds from the sale of these stickers will be donated to the Patient Relief Fund.

Please contact Ryan King at with your order and to confirm payment method.


Please contact Ryan King at with any questions that you.