Managers Manual 2016-17



Please note: Most of this information and forms, templates etc can be found on the JDFMHA website under Manager, Coach Info, Risk Management.



  • Managers must complete a Criminal Record Check, every 3 years and Respect in Sport every 5 years; the applicable fees are the team’s responsibility and should be part of the budget for the year.



  • Each team is must have a team parent meeting by October 31, 2016 at the very latest, to be able to complete the BC Hockey - Sportsmanship in the Stands (Tab on website with instructions, forms and video) deadline. This meeting should allow for the coaches to address the parent group in discussing coaching philosophy, bench management, dress code, dressing room expectations, JDFMHA Policy and Procedures, Code of Conducts and time requirements to be observed before practices and games and newly implemented BC Hockey Sportsmanship in the Stands.
  • The Manager/Coach should discuss fundraising, tournaments, off-ice activities, a parents' night.
  • Each team should consider a minimum of 2 or 3 team meetings over the course of the season.



(to be completed by Dec 1st) Complete info at BC Hockey online

  • Criminal Record Check must be completed every 3 years (no fee online code-request form) Complete info on JDF website with links to forms. Please note: the CRC must be INITIATED before Volunteer is allowed on the ice.
  • Coach Stream/Hybrid now called Coach 2- Recreational teams (4-6 hour online portion and 1 day course- JDF reimbursed)
  • Respect in Sport - ALL Volunteers (online- $32 approximately, team cost)
  • Development 1 - Representative teams (Peewee, Bantam & Midget)
  • Atom Development Head Coaches are required to have the Checking Component

- Must complete CATT free online 25 minute course before going on ice or HCR.


  • Once all certificates are completed per individual (make personal copies) drop off in an envelope with your team and personal name on it at the JDF Hockey office located in JDF Arena lobby.



  • All minor hockey teams in Canada must have a Safety Person. The emphasis of this program is on injury prevention and safety through risk management and education. Safety people will be provided information for risk management, safety tools and information to allow them to implement effective injury prevention and risk management programs where safety is the first priority at all times. This will be accomplished by every team having qualified Safety Person at all hockey-related activities, both on and off the ice, which will be focused on the safety and the wellness of the players. The Safety Person must be indicated on all game sheets. If your safety will be away during a game, pre-arrange with the opposing team to use theirs for that game. However make sure to write your safety person that is on your team roster, on the game sheet under your team NOT theirs, whether present or not.
  • Criminal Record Check and Respect in Sport are required as well as must complete CATT free online 25 minute course before going on ice or HCR.

The Safety HSCP now called HU course (team cost) is registered through BC Hockey and it is an online 4 hour course. The link to the BC hockey page: The person who takes the course must pay up front then the team reimburses them, not the organization. (The HU must be re-certified every 3 years)

  • As for the medical forms, all team members fill one out and provide to either the manager or safety person to keep in a file, These forms should be present at all team functions in the case of emergency and they should be provided to assist any medical personnel involved in the treatment of an injury. 2017-2018 JDFMHA may be going to online Medical system - TBA


RISK MANAGEMENT Complete info on the JDF Website under Risk Management

  • Regarding insurance coverage, an injury report form (at the time of injury) is required to be filled in. The attending physician (if applicable) completes the portion on the back of the form. Once complete, forward the form to for JDF to make a copy and forward along to BC Hockey. The additional coverage extended by B.C. Hockey is designed to enhance the plan a family may already have with their employer and fills in any gaps created where existing coverage may not extend. The Safety Person is responsible for filling out this form; then any out of pocket expenses incurred will be reimbursed by B.C. Hockey. This applies to ambulance rides, physiotherapy charges, etc.; anything that your existing plan may not cover. Further to all the above, an injury report form filed with B.C. Hockey is imperative in the event of complications resulting from the accident in the future.
  • You have 30 days from the date of the injury to file your injury report to the JDFMHA office for forwarding to BC Hockey. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to our Risk Manager at



  • Teams can only share ice within its division and one division up or down.
  • Any additional ice that teams wish to purchase should be requested through Division Manager and he/she will forward the request to the Ice Allocator to correspond with you once ice is available and a purchase can be done.

The Ice Coordinator, will book the ice and forward the info back to you and teams are not to book on an individual basis. JDF will then bill the team manager/coach via e-mail.



  • The arena (wall) clock shall always take precedence. Coaches and managers must make sure that before the start of the game they know which clock is being used by the timekeepers.
  • The timing of the 3rd period will not be adjusted to allow additional time that may be available.
  • All games 90 minutes or less in all divisions of VIAHA, the timing of the games shall be as follows: (a) 5-minute warm up; (b) 1st period 15 minute stop time; (c) 2nd period 15 minute stop time; (d) 3rd period 20 minute stop time, (or the wall clock, less 2 minutes, whichever comes first).
  • For all 120 and 110 minute games, in all divisions of VIAHA, the timing of the games shall be as follows: (a) 5-minute warm up; (b) 1st period 15 minute stop time; (c) 2nd period 20 minute stop time; (d) Ice clean first stoppage of play after the 10-minute mark of the second period; (e) 3rd period 20 minute stop time (or the wall clock, less 2 minutes, whichever comes first).
  • There is to be NO running time at any VIAHA placement, league, playoff or exhibition games.
  • All games are to be concluded 12 minutes before the end of the rental ice slot to allow for a handshake; there are no exceptions. 10 minutes for Ice clean and 2 minutes for handshake. Eg: 1pm-230pm, game ends at 2:18pm
  • The formula to be used to determine the last 10 minutes of the game is: Subtract the time remaining on the game clock from the original period length (i.e.: the game ends in the third period with 16 minutes remaining on the game clock, 20:00 minutes subtract 16:00 minutes = 4:00 minutes. From the 4:00 minutes you now subtract 10:00 minutes to determine the last 10:00 minutes of the game, 4:00 minutes subtract 10:00 minutes would equal the 14:00 minute mark of the second period. Any penalties occurring after the 14-minute mark of the second period would be considered to have happened in the last 10 minutes of the game.



  • In order to create the team’s official roster in the HCR, a list of all players, coaches, manager and safety must be sent to the Division Manager for review before he/she sends to the JDF Registrar Once the Registrar receives all of this information, the official roster is created in the HCR (Hockey Canada Registry).
  • The team manager must then request the official roster from the Divisional Manager and he/she will forward the request to the Registrar once reviewed.   Team managers are to forward the Official HCR to the appropriate VIAHA division manager (Commissioner-Rec or Director-Rep).  The team manager must also keep a copy with them during all games in the event it is requested.  No player, coach, manager, or safety should be listed on the game sheet unless they are on the team’s official roster.
  • Should a team add or delete a player, coach, manager or safety person, that change must be e-mailed immediately to the Division Manager and copied to the Registrar to update their roster in the HCR ASAP (please note that when a player or bench staff is deleted from the roster they have a release date in the released column of the roster and will not be removed completely from the roster).   Managers must then forward the revised roster to the appropriate VIAHA division manager.
  • Over Age Players: special permission may be granted for recreational teams ("C" teams) to register “recreational” calibre player(s) who are over age when they are too small or weak to be able to compete in their normal age category. They can only be one year out of age category and it must be recorded on the game sheet with the designation “OA” next to their name.



  • The typical and desired outcome for AP's is for each team to use the team directly below it in same age category.
  • In all divisions, the 'A' team usually AP's the whole 'B' team and the B the ‘B’ minor team.
  • All affiliated players must be placed on the team's HCR list and must be added to the score sheet prior to participating in any given game; however, they do not have to be on roster to attend your practices.
    • AP's can be terminated by reversing the decision 
  • The coach, parent(s) and the player must be consulted prior to AP status approval.
  • A.P.'s within the Recreation division can be used late October and onwards. (Differing date each year but near this) REC players must play a minimum of 1 League game with their own team first.
  • Only 2nd year players can be affiliated and teams are allowed to use AP players to bring their player limit up to a total of 14 skaters. A.P.’s cannot be added after January 15th (or near that)
  • All teams are encouraged to bring out their AP players to practice before they are needed for a game to allow coaches to see how the various members will fit with the team.
  • Coaches must notify the A.P.'s coach to ensure there is no conflict with schedules BEFORE extending an invite to AP up.
  • Recreation can only AP from division below (except Atom who cannot utilize IP, former Initiation/Novice)

MANAGER’s / COACHES - Your list of AP’s will be assigned to you shortly. JDF will also be sending emails out requesting the AP’ing status of your team. JDF will request the players you have had out and how many times if you could try and track your team’s AP’s as close as possible.



  • All refs are paid by cheque by the association - no direct payment to refs unless in Tournaments.
  • All exhibition games are paid for by the teams (the Association pays and bills each team accordingly if OVER allotment) while Balancing/Tiering (up to 3 games) and League/Playoff games are all paid for by the Association.
  • For the Tiering and League games, VIAHA should be responsible for allocating officials to all games. For all exhibition games, the home team manager is responsible for securing officials.


Allocation (To book a referee, post game on your team website at least three days in advance with GAME # and VISITING team) For more info, please contact:

Referee Allocator - Candice Heinekey

RIC (Referee in Chief) Galen Brewer




  • Teams participating within any South Island tournament will not be required to obtain game numbers from their commissioner/Director. Please notify you Division Manager of the Tournaments and dates you are away so they can inform the Ice Allocator and make sure all forms (if needed) are complete.
  • Any team from the South traveling to a tournament within the Mid and North Districts are required to obtain game numbers from their commissioner/Director and any travel off island for tournament needs to be approved by contact:
  • Please ensure that any teams or divisions within your MHA that are hosting tournaments obtain game numbers for all of the games within the tournament.
  • Tournaments must be approved by VIAHA. Once approved, VIAHA will forward to BCAHA for sanctioning. If you want to book a tournament, please contact the JDF Tournament Director, for information.
  • Travel to the U.S. - Make sure you have all information when filling out/applying for forms: association, US sanction #, address of arenas used. If Seattle Junior Hockey League (SJHL) is hosting all info is usually on their website. An Inter District Travel Form is required to be filled out on the BC hockey website and a letter from both JDFMHA and from the V.P. of VIAHA approving tournament participation. This process requires about 2 weeks for completion. Travel Insurance should be purchased and tracked by the manager to ensure all families have secondary insurance.



  • It is our intention to create a JDF "brand" on many levels. We want JDF to be unique, recognizable, and run as a true association, not a collection of individual teams. One of those branding decisions has been to have all JDF teams looking good in standardized attire.
  • John Turcotte (, our Equipment Manager, has all of the information regarding team attire and can help make the appropriate purchases.
  • JDF provides team socks for all of our players at no extra charge.



  • Teams are not allowed to place sponsors names or logos on team jackets or track suits, however, elsewhere, such as banners to put up during games, practice jerseys, etc, is fine.



  • All plans for team fundraising activities involving gaming must be submitted through the Gaming Pre-approval Form to the Gaming Director ( & our Office Manager (, for approval at least two weeks prior to your fundraising event.




  • Please have team budgets (per template provided) prepared & emailed to the Treasurer, no later than Nov 1, 2016.



  • Team accounts are opened at Island Savings on Jacklin Road. These accounts will require two signatures. At least one of the signers will be the team treasurer.
  • Before an account can be activated, the two designated signers need to be submitted to the treasurer via the completed team information sheet. Once received, the signers need to be authorized by two of the associations signing authorities and that authorization needs to be given to the bank. Once that is complete, your team treasurer will be notified that your signers can go to the bank and set up your team account.
  • When setting up your team account, you will need to identify the team; example “Bantam Tier 1 (A)” and then provide appropriate ID.
  • The account will not be activated until both approved signers have set up their signing authority at the bank.
  • Each team account will have a yearly flat fee of $25, this amount will be covered by JDFMHA.

Any questions about bank accounts can be directed to



  • Once a team has a manager or designated website person, they can contact the JDF WebSite Coordinator at with the following information:
    • Thereafter, website privileges will assigned.
    • A team roster will need to be uploaded, following the guidelines provided with the website access.
    • This access will allow for a variety of functions on the website, including the uploading the team's games, practices and other events, as well as other items such as team news, photos, etc.
    • Individual Players/Parents/Families will be able to access their own schedules via this information, so this is an essential part of the team's landscape.



VIAHA: Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association

16 minor hockey associations on Vancouver Island are represented

Address: Suite E, 2301 McCullough Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S 4M9

Phone: (250) 751-8811

President: Jim Humphries

Vice-President (South Island) Al Walker

Vice-President (Competitive) Steve Moir


  • The home team is responsible for supplying VIAHA game sheets (White - Managing Director, Green - Home team, Yellow - Visiting team, Pink - Home Association, Gold - Spare), warm up pucks, time keeper and scorekeeper for all Island league play (exhibition, league, playoffs)
  • All game numbers, filing on-line reports, mailing in game sheets and updated rosters must be forwarded to your director/Commissioner at Island League/Rec league. Games cannot be held without an assigned game number (to be obtained by the home team) unless playing a game with a team out of tier, then the team needs to request a game number from their commissioner (NOTE: Recreation teams cannot play Rep teams) Game reports must be submitted, via e-mailed on-line, within 24 hours of game time completion while the white game sheet is to be mailed within 72hrs.
  • Tiering games (REP) cannot be played without having completed an HCR roster
  • All recreation teams are balanced as closely as possible and not tiered but divided into two or more balanced teams depending on Division 
  • All Recreation Team HCR's to be provided to the respective commissioner no later than October 30. (Differing date each year but near this date)
  • A Peewee, Bantam or Midget team that has 19 players registered on January 10th (or near that date) shall not be permitted to register any further players that season. After this date, any player who participates in more than (5) league games as an Affiliate Player become ineligible to play for their home team (exhibition and tournament games don’t count)
  • Once the league schedule has been prepared, teams must play their scheduled games or face disciplinary action. Teams may request weekends that they wish to be unavailable due to attending tournaments by the VIAHA October Executive meeting or through their commissioner assigned to their division.
  • All teams requesting entry into Island League (REP) play must register a minimum of 15 HC player registration certificates, one of which must be a goaltender, by the Wednesday following the Thanksgiving weekend.



This guide is intended to provide Team Managers with additional insight into what information is required by your VIAHA Commissioner.

  1. Pre-Season games: It is important to schedule as many pre-season games as you can. This is done so that the Division Manager and the Commissioner can determine whether the teams are balanced evenly. If there is one team winning all the pre-season games, then player moves may be made by the Association to balance our weaker teams before the start of league play. Pre-season games should also be arranged with teams from JDF as well as other associations.
  1. League Schedules: Soon after your teams are formed you will become aware of which tournaments JDFMHA has already registered your team in. There will also be other tournaments that you as Manager will arrange based on what your team decides. It is very important to inform the Commissioner of the dates of these tournaments (once you are confirmed) so that the league schedule can be adjusted to work around those dates.
  1. Game numbers: Every game you play needs a VIAHA game number. This includes all league games, exhibition games and tournament games. No game can be played without a game number being assigned either by Vice-President or the League Commissioner
    1. League games - Normally the Commissioner will pre-assign the league game numbers when the schedule is sent so you should not have to ask for those.
    2. Exhibition games - (Home Team only) needs to email the Commissioner and request a game number prior to game start. The referee scheduler will need the game number.
    3. Tournament games - (this is done incorrectly every year).
      1. If a tournament is being hosted by one of our neighbouring MHA’s here in South Island (such as Saanich, JDF, Sooke, Peninsula) the tournament organizer will obtain bulk game numbers for all the games to be played. You do not have to worry about obtaining game numbers for the games you play in our local tournaments in South Island.
      2. If you are attending a tournament outside of our South Island region - (even though the host team will be getting bulk game numbers from their own Commissioner) - you must obtain game numbers for the number of games you anticipate playing (usually 4 to 6). This is required so that the South Island Commissioner can refer to their game numbers for reasons of discipline etc. 
  1. Game reports and Game Sheets:
    1. Game Reports:  As the home team it is your responsibility to email the Commissioner the Game Report and mail the copy of the game sheet. As the visiting team you must also email a Game Report. (A sample game report is attached.) Game sheets and reports for a Tournament can be submitted the day you return. Photocopy all game sheets as you will only receive one copy.  After playing any game:  ALL games need a game report done within 24 hours of the game.  HOME games also need to mail the WHITE copy of the game sheet.
      If you miss one or both of these steps there will be FINES to your team from VIAHA
    2. Game Sheets:  Make sure anyone listed on the game sheet Players and Coaches/Manager/Safety is on your HCR (Hockey Canada Roster).  You can get a HCR from your Division Manager at JDFMHA - also on this list attached!  Check everyone is on your HCR BEFORE going to a game 
  1. Minimum number of players: IAW HC rule 16 (a), a minimum of 6 players are required to play a game.
  1. Affiliated Players (AP):  
    1. Teams may draw affiliate players from teams in lower division(s)/category(s) within the same MHA, subject to HC Regulation E.
    2. Minor hockey players registered on a recreational team may not participate as an affiliate to a higher Division/Category team prior to the player participating in a league game with the recreational team unless approved by VIAHA.
    3. RECREATION - The AP rule shall only be applied when a team has 14 or fewer skaters for a particular game. Note: An AP can only be used to bring the teams number of skaters up to 14.
    4. In keeping with fair play, affiliated players shall not be used permanently. The VIAHA may place further restrictions on teams or MHAs who abuse the use of affiliated players.
    5. No Atom Development player(s) may AP to a Peewee Recreational “C” Team.
    6. The last day to add affiliate players to a team’s HCR roster is January 15 or near that date. All players appearing in any league, playoff, exhibition or tournament game must be on the teams HCR as “Approved” or Approved A”.
    7. An AP may appear in a maximum of 10 games with the higher Division or Category team during the entire season. The player is not permitted to exceed 10 games as an AP. This includes placement, league and playoff games. It does not include tournament or exhibition games.
    8. The limit of 10 games for the season is removed only when the player’s registered team completes its regular season and playoffs.
    9. A player who exceeds the 10 game limit is considered an ineligible player under Reg #5.10, 5.11 and 5.12.
    10. If an AP’s name appears on the game sheet it is counted as one of the ten games regardless of whether or not the player actually played in the game. Hockey Canada Rule 2.2 would require a spare goaltender’s name to be on the game sheet.
    11. The responsibility for ensuring a player does not exceed the permitted number of games rests with the team and the MHA.
    12. If no goalies are available to AP from a lower division, permission may be requested through the VIAHA Commissioner or your Minor Hockey Association President to laterally AP a goalie from your same division. Make sure to note this on Game sheet LAP.
  1. Discipline: It is important to establish contact with the Commissioner/JDFMHA Division Manager, if any of your players have received a major penalty in which will result in a suspension. The suspension guidelines are contained in rule 17.05 of the VIAHA handbook (see below). Suspensions shall take effect immediately and shall be served only by using league/ playoff/ tournament games. Exhibition games cannot be used in serving suspensions.


BC Hockey updated bulletin 




Minor Penalty



Major Penalty

5:00 +


The automatic Game Misconduct that accompanies all Major penalties - 1 game or 7 days if incurred in the last 10 minutes of the game as per HC Rule 4.6c.

10 Minute Misconduct


None except when a player incurs two 10-Min. Misconducts in the same game. The second 10-Min. Misconduct results in a Game Misconduct penalty.

 Game Misconducts


Game Misconduct in last 10-min of a game - 1 league/playoff game or 7 clear days.

Game Misconduct to a Team Official -suspension regardless of time of game.

Gross Misconduct


Refer to BC Hockey Suspension Bulletin (link above)

Match Penalty


Refer to BC Hockey Suspension Bulletin (link above)

Most suspensions result from a misconduct being issues in the last 10 minutes of a game. Remember that the last 10 minutes starts with the time remaining on the clock at game end, then working backwards into the period to determine where the last 10 minutes actually were…i.e. game ends with 2:26 remaining. The last ten minutes would therefore be from 12:26 to 2:26 - so a major penalty issued at 11:06…would involve a suspension.


This form is to be emailed to the appropriate Commissioner/Division Managing Director within 24 hours of game completion. Game sheets must be postmarked to the appropriate Commissioner/Division Managing Director within 72 hours of game completion.


Game Information



Game #: EXB123


Game Date:

12 November 2015



Host MHA:





Home Team:


Visiting Team:


Goals For:


Goals For:






Time Remaining on Game Clock:



Non-Minor Penalties (list ALL major, misconduct, game misconduct, gross and match penalties)


Player Name






John Smith












This area is for all MAJOR penalties only such as 5 minute Majors, misconducts, game misconducts, match Penalties etc.

It is not to be used to report 2 or 4 minute penalties.



















Additional Comments

Referees did a great job, took charge and were fair to both teams.

Injury sustained by JDF 3 player - separate injury report being filed through JDFMHA

Major penalty incurred by JDF in last 10 minutes of game.   Will have to discuss suspension guidelines asap


Submitted By


Jane Doe


12 November, 2015


Manager, JDF C3


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