Atom Development T1 Tournament

Saturday, February 15, 2020 to Monday, February 17, 2020

Tournament Rules

JDF Atom A T1 Tournament Feb. 15th - 17th, 2020



1) Governing Rules 


The tournament shall be governed in accordance with the rules of Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (“VIAHA”) and the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association as herein established for this tournament. 


2) Teams 


a) All teams must be in good standing with their respective Associations and governing bodies. 

b) It is the responsibility of each team to apply for and receive a tournament permission number and/or letter of permission to enter the tournament from their Association and/or governing body. 

c) No additional players, coaches or team official can be added to the roster once the team list has 

been submitted prior to the first game.   Affiliate players must be noted on the roster of the first game, as per rules in VIAHA (as per BC Hockey, only 1 manager may be listed) 

d) Roster must include all players’ names and all team officials. 

e) Home teams will wear their light coloured jerseys with the Away teams wearing their dark coloured jerseys.  

f) Team officials are responsible for verifying the game sheet at least 45 minutes prior to game time (game sheets will be prepared in advance and available at the check in table). 

g) No team shall take to the ice without an official present. 

h) There will be $100.00 fine for any damage done to the dressing rooms. 


3) Time Outs


a) Coaches will be allowed to call 1 timeout for 30 seconds in playoff games only.  Timeout calls will not be permitted in the Round Robin games.  


4) Game Times 


a) All round robin game times are 1 hour and 20 minutes and will consist of a 5 minute warm up, 1st period 15 minute stop time, 2nd period 15 minute stop time & 3rd period 20 minute stop time. The 3rd period will stop 5 minutes left on the wall clock to allow for hand shake and awards.   

b)  All semi final games are 1 hour and 50 minutes and will consist of a 5 minute warm up, 1st period 15 minute stop time, 2nd period 15 minute stop time & 3rd period 20 minute stop time. The 3rd period will stop 2 minutes left on the wall clock to allow for hand shake.   

c)  All final games are 1 hour and 50 minutes and consist of a 5 minute warm up, 1st period 15 minute stop time, 2nd period 15 minute stop time & 3rd period 20 minute stop time. 

d) The referee may, at their discretion, stop play in case of an injury, regardless of which team has possession of the puck.

e) Overtime will only apply to Semi’s and Final play-off games (see Overtime and Shootout Format) 


5) Tournament Format 


a) Round Robin Play:  2 points will be awarded to a team for a win while 1 point will be awarded for a tie. Seeding of teams for Semi-final or Final round of play will be determined based on the point system outlined above.  If 2 or more teams tie in points, the following tie breakers will be used in order: 1. Most Points 2. Most Wins 3. Head-to-Head 4. Greater Goal differential (goals for minus goals against) 5. Lowest penalty minutes 6. Coin toss.  No team can use more than a 6 goal spread in any round robin game (eg. If you win your game 10-2, your goals for is +6).

b)  Semi-Final Games:  All semi-final games are 1 hour and 50 minutes (1st period 15 min stop time, 2nd period 15 min stop time, 3rd period 20 min. Stop time). If the game is tied after regulation time, the below overtime rules will apply. 

c)  Final Games:  All final games are 1 hour 50 minutes (1st period 15 min stop time, 2nd period 20 min stop time, 3rd period 20 min stop time)  If the game is tied after regulation time the below overtime rules will apply. 


6) Playing Rules 


All games will be governed by the rules and regulations of Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and the VIAHA and as set out in this document. 


a) Overtime and Shootout Format (Play-off Rounds only) 


i. Overtime 


In the event of a tie at the end of regular time during the playoff rounds, there will be a 5 minute sudden victory overtime period. Each team will play 4 skaters and a goaltender. Penalties called during overtime will result in playing short-handed but not with less than 3 skaters. If there is no score during the overtime period the game will go to a shoot-out. 

ii. Shootout 

First Round - 3 shooters 

Coaches will designate 3 eligible shooters* from each team. Home team will have the choice to shoot first or second. Teams will alternate shooters until all 3 of their players have shot. The winner will be determined by which team scores the most goals. Please note - when it becomes impossible for a team to win (i.e. one team scores on their first two attempts, and the other team scores no goals on their first two attempts) then the remaining “shooters” will not be required to shoot. If after all 6 shooters have shot, and the score is still tied - we then move onto the “Second Round - Sudden Death” 

* players who are serving a penalty in Overtime, and whose time has not elapsed before the end of the overtime period, will not be eligible to be a shooter in the First Round of the Shootout 

Second Round - Sudden Death 

Coaches will choose one shooter at a time (must not have shot before). Whichever team went first in the “first round”, will now go second. Shoot out will be Sudden Death. If Team A’s shooter scores and Team B’s shooter does not, then Team A wins (and vice-versa). If both Team’s shooters both miss or both score, both teams will select another new shooter and repeat the process until a winner is determined. Once all players on a team have been selected as shooters, the coach may then choose any player from his roster to shoot again 


b) Penalties 


i. Misconduct (10 min) penalties will be served during the tournament games. Misconducts received in the last 10 minutes of a game will result in a game ejection and any suspension applied to the next game of the tournament 


Game Misconduct penalty will result in the ejection of the offending player or team official from the game. If the penalty occurs in the last 10 minutes of the game, a game suspension will be applied to the next game played in the tournament. If a team official receives a game misconduct, the tournament committee will review the incident and has the discretion to suspend that team official for the remainder of the tournament. A second game misconduct, during the tournament, assessed to a player or official will result in suspension for the remainder of the tournament. 

* Any player who receives a game misconduct and a major for either Boarding, Body Checking, Charging, Checking From Behind, Head Contact, Elbowing/Kneeing, Slew Footing/Tripping or Cross-Checking within the last 10 minutes of regular time or any time in overtime, or at the conclusion of the game will be suspended for the next two games 

ii. Match and Gross Misconduct penalties will result in game ejection and suspension for the balance of the tournament and subject to local, district or branch suspension rule as applied by the appropriate board 

iii. Fighting, checking from behind and check to the head (5 minute major) will result in a game misconduct plus appropriate minor/major penalties. The player will also be suspended for the next game, if the last ten minutes then he is got for 2 games. 

iv. All major penalties will be reported to the Tournament Director following the game and subject to all suspensions outlined by Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and the VIAHA 


c) Commencing Play- Each team will be ready to commence play at the beginning of the allotted ice time. 


i. Failure to field the minimum number of players or refusal to play will result in a loss being posted against the offending team. The on ice officials will give the offending team a 2 minute warning during the 5 minute warm up. If the team fails to start play they will be automatically assessed a 6-0 loss. 

ii. Players and team officials will remain on the players’ bench until the on ice official are present and allow the teams on the ice. 2 minute minor penalties will be assessed to all players who take to the ice surface prior to the officials. 


d) Protests and Appeals 


i. The decisions of the on ice officials is final, there are no appeals of on ice decisions regarding playing rules. 

ii. The tournament chair or their appointee will hear all other protests and appeals. All protests/appeals will be accompanied by a $100.00 appeal fee. In the event of the protest/appeal being upheld the fee will be refunded. If the protest/appeal is declined the fee is forfeited. All protests/appeals will be ruled on prior to play of the next game for either of the teams playing in the game under protest/appeal. 


e) Team Officials 


i. A team official must report to the tournament table/office at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the games. They are responsible for verifying team rosters and team officials listed on the game sheet. 

ii. The home team will be responsible for changing uniforms in case of colour conflict. 


f) Fair Play 


i. Team officials are responsible for insuring that their players conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times during the tournament. Excessive misbehaviour by players may result in suspension from the tournament. 

ii. At the sole discretion of the tournament director, any action by a player, team official or spectator which is dangerous, disruptive or contrary to fair play may be dealt with by expulsion from further play or banned from the arena facilities. 

iii. Abuse of game officials on or off the ice will not be tolerated. Any cases of harassment or abuse directed at an official will result in a review and may result in suspension at the tournament director’s discretion. 


Please remind your players, parents and coaches that we are here to encourage a weekend of fun, healthy competition and good sportsmanship. If there is a problem, we are confident a solution can be found. Be patient with our volunteers, remember, without them there would be no tournament. 

Our arenas have a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for bullying, harassment and abuse. Please show respect and appropriate restraint. This includes players, fans, coaches, Refs and tournament Volunteers

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